150KW Dynamometer Project #19-5175 & 5176

The purpose of this machine is for horsepower testing of synchronous belts in a quality lab. The operation of this machine is to use one motor to bring the system up to speed and then apply a controlled torque to the belt with the second motor. This machine was an upgrade project from smaller horsepower motors.

 The previous machine had DC motors and drives which were converted to AC motors and drives. The new drives are ABB ACS880 and the motors are 200HP Baldor motors. The control system and panel also received an upgrade to allow for the larger drives and added safety devices. This system is controlled by an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC. The control system upgrade consisted of new variable frequency drives with line reactors, dual-channel E-stop circuit with manual reset, and motor zero speed sensors to detect no motor rotation before unlocking the operator access guarding.

The safety guarding consisted of locking tongue switches which allows the system to confirm that all guarding access doors were closed before the machine could be started. The operator interface was upgraded from a small HMI to Wonderware running on a flat panel industrial PC. The system was set up in our Arkansas location for full functionality testing and to confirm that all was working as expected. We then disassembled the machine and shipped this to our customer’s site for quick reassembly and installation.

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