Assembly Line Conveyor

In today’s #ProjectSpotlight is this Assembly Line Conveyor system, which is used to assemble products with a cycle time of 30 seconds per unit! This system is made up of:

  • Overhead Daifuku-Jervis Webb ® Unibilt ® enclosed track system
  • Roach ® Belt conveyor,
  • J+H custom built: Turntables, Transfers, Lift Gates, and Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) Conveyors.

This system has a variety of paced conveyors, index and dwelland accumulation conveyors, to facilitate all of the customer operations along the assembly line. The MDR was customized to the client’s needs, while still utilizing standard components. This system also feeds sub-assemblies and other parts to the main line for operators to install on the units. This assembly line was fully integrated with Omron ® PLC controls. Our team completed the mechanical, electrical, and controls installation during a shutdown – converting the assembly line from previous state to new in an expedited fashion. Careful engineering, planning, modular equipment design, and project management allowed for this.

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