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Control systems integration will take your manufacturing, process or other industrial facilities to the next level. Connecting devices and systems to optimize processes, control system integration solves complex manufacturing challenges. Customized solutions increase flexibility, improve efficiency and maximize profitability.

That said, updating your control system is much more than just implementation. Check out how we break down control system integration:

  • Control System Design & Implementation

Machine control systems can use many different platforms and software packages. Designing the control system takes a seasoned team of control engineers who see the project through. The project will take the following steps:

  1. Device Hardware Specification and Selection
  2. Electrical System Architecture Design
  3. Software Development
  4. Testing
  5. Startup
  6. Support

The process needs to ensure a complete system.

  • Control Panel Fabrication & Assembly

To ensure a seamless transfer from engineering to shop build, at J+H Automation Solutions, we design and fabricate all control enclosures (control panels) in our own UL® Listed panel shop.

When working through control system integration, it’s essential to quality check and test each control enclosure. This is the stage for customization. With our capabilities, customization is not only possible but efficient. We create control enclosure with your business and efficiency in mind.

Check out how we customized these projects:

  1. Variable Frequency Drive Control Panels
  2. Custom Control Panel consisting of a six-door enclosure, over one mile of control wire, five smart motor controllers and three Honeywell burner & temperature controls
  • Understanding Programming Capabilities

When updating your control systems, it’s essential to understand that programming is not one size fits all. Whether you want to develop Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications, it’s essential that your control system integrator can handle the software.

At J+H, we deploy:

If you’re ready to leverage an updated control system integration, contact us at J+H Automation Solutions for customized solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.

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