Guidance System

The purpose of this machine is on a monorail conveyor system to stabilize carriers across two feet travel window during which a wheel be removed or deposited to a hangar. A duel linear guidance system with grippers electronically gears to the overhead conveyor and clamps the carrier. The system utilizes (1) Linear Belt Actuators with Profile Rail, (1) AB Servo Motors, (1) Kinetix 300 Servo Drives, (1) CompactLogix PLC, and (1) Panelview Plus. All control was done over Ethernet/IP.The entire machine was setup in our shop and tested to ensure component functionality and program testing. Key notes about the system and Programming

1.Kinetix 300 DrivesEthernet CIP Motion

2.CompactLogix L24

3.HMI – Panelview Plus

4.Electronic Gearing

5.Unmanaged Ethernet

6.Periodic Task

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