• Implementation of numerous assembly, transport, and loading systems for casket manufacturing
  • Power-and-Free conveyor system for transport, coating, and testing of large ball valves for oil and gas applications
  • Long-length, multiple-strand modular plastic belt conveyors for steel wire products
  • Continued preventive maintenance program at electronics repair facility
  • Large diameter, heavy-duty, custom turntable for performance testing of washing machines
  • Enclosed track chain conveyor system for packaging of jewelry products
  • Monorail and crane/hoist systems for manufacture of fishing and ski boats
  • Custom device for repair of wooden pallets
  • Chain conveyor system for processing and coating of metal posts

Packaging Industry

  • Cardboard Box Manufacturing and Printing Line: Allen-Bradley PLC and Panelview Programming
  • Eggo Container Manufacturing and Printing Line: Allen-Bradley PLC programming
  • Line Rate Monitoring: Installation and programming utilizing a Red Lion HMI obtaining rate information from wireless counters installed on the assembly line.

Textile Industry

  • Density Control for Non-woven Fiber Manufacturing Line : PLC-5 Programming

Casket Manufacturing

  • Conveyor System: Design, assembly, and installation of SLC conveyor control system in Chihuahua, Mexico

Sand/Gravel Industry

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant: Turnkey mechanical design, electrical design, and programming
  • Sand Conveyor System: Control system design, installation, and programming for a conveyor system used for loading trucks and rail cars using a SLC processor, Red Lion HMI, and Square D Drives communicating ModBus.

Industrial Window and Door Frame Manufacturing Industry

  • Servo Motor Test Stand: Design, installation, and programming using a 1394 servo controller.
  • Cut to Length Gauge Stop Servo Controls Upgrade: Control system upgrade from a EuroDrive and PLC 5 IMC 120 to Versa View with Soft Logix 5800, Ethernet Flex I/O, and Sercos controlled Ultra 3000.
  • Various Paint Line Work: RSView32, 1394 Servo Bank, and PL5 programming for servo faults, recording line stop information, displaying recorded data, and re-programming paint reciprocator for modified motion.

Battery Industry 

  • Battery Assembly Machines: Servo control system upgrade for 3 battery assembly machines using Baldor Servos and Mint Drives integrated with a SLC processor.

Electrical Utilities Industry

  • Coal Blending Operation Conveyor Control System: Design, installation, and programming using Controllogix Redundant processors, RSView32 HMI platform, and Powerflex 700 AC Drives.
  • Dust Collection System: Panel Design, installation, and programming for the control system of dust collection system for coal dust from rail cars and trucks being dumped utilizing Controllogix Redundant processors and a RSView32 HMI platform.

Petroleum Industry

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