• Automotive Belt Cutter Vision System: Design, installation, and programming
  • Automated Belt Splicing System: Programming using an SLC-PLC, 2 1394 servo banks, and a Device Net network communicating with 15 Allen-Bradley AC drives and multiple I/O panels
  • Belt Trimming Machine: Design, fabrication, and installation.
  • Web Guide Systems: Design, fabrication, and installation
  • Large Press Roll Position Monitoring System: Installation and programming of Device Net system using absolute encoders
  • Belt Grinding Machine Controls Upgrade: Eagle Signal/SLC PLC conversion
  • Large Press Roller: Re-design and retrofit
  • Rubber Thickness Measuring System
  • Belt Measuring System Controls Upgrade: Design, programming, fabrication, and installation using a SLC-PLC and a Wonderware Application
  • Gantry Robot Controls Upgrade: PLC 5 with IMC 120 to Controllogix control system upgrades
  • Belt Stripper Machine: 3D Design, fabrication, and installation
  • Belt Cutter Machine: 3D Design, assembly, installation, and programming of 4-axis servo belt cutter machine.
  • Dynamometer Controls Upgrade: 3D mechanical design, assembly, installation and programming for DC to AC dynamometer motor conversions.
  • Belt Building Machines Controls Upgrade: New control systems and programming.
  • Speed Control: Mechanical design, electrical design, and fabrication of “motorcycle style” machine speed control.
  • Let Off Tension Control Machines Controls Upgrade: New servo control systems utilizing Ultra 3000 Drives.

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