Johnson Material Handling & Automation Engineering are now J+H Automation Solutions

There comes a day in a company’s story where they have grown past their expectations and must take on new aspirations and challenges. That day has arrived. We are proud to announce that Johnson Material Handling & Automation Engineering is now J+H Automation Solutions. Co-Owner, Kyle Johnson states, “Our team is thrilled to be operating as J+H Automation Solutions. We are looking forward to continuing to serve our customers by improving safety, increasing efficiency and maximizing profitability.”

Our Story

J+H Automation Solutions began as Johnson Material Handling Systems in 1985 as a custom fabrication and installation service in the Fort Smith, Arkansas region. Since then, we have expanded our service and completed installations in 23 states. With decades of combined experience, the new J+H Automation Solutions is still committed to providing services that fully integrate any material handling or automation system.

Our mission is to continuously push modern manufacturing limits through the leverage of technologies with our partnerships and by utilizing our team of expert professionals to design creative and innovative concepts into every custom automation solution.

Who Are We?

J+H Automation Solutions is a full-service systems integrator and engineering company specializing in custom fabrication, control system design, industrial machining, installation services, project management, and consulting. As a market leader in innovation and reliability, we are able to design and deliver complete, customized, and efficient automation solutions that ensure that our clients have the ability to be more flexible, safe, efficient, and profitable.

We are committed to providing fully integrative services for any material handling or automation system.  One key differentiator is our ability to manufacture equipment on both small and large scales. This allows us to offer an extensive array of standard components along with custom components and systems.

Co-Owner, Richard Hossley states, “J+H Automation Solutions is there every step of the way to help our clients achieve their project goals from start to finish, concept to completion. We are incredibly excited to continue providing our clients and going above and beyond.”

If you are interested in learning more about us, please contact us today for more information.

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