Paint PF Control Upgrade

The purpose of this project was to upgrade the control system for a Power and Free Overhead Conveyor System that transports forklift components through a painting process. The system was originally installed in 1974. Much of the relay logic and electrical wiring had deteriorated to a point that upgrade and replacement were required. A new Control Panel with Human Machine Interface was installed. All electrical wiring and sensors were replaced. The new equipment was installed during weekends and shutdowns allowing for a final tieover that required a minimal amount of time.Key notes about the system and Programming

1.Controllogix L71, V21

2.(4) Panelview Plus 6 HMIs

3.Powerflex 525 Ethernet Standard Control

4.SLC Ethernet I/O

5.CompactLogix Ethernet I/O

6.RSLogix 500 to Studio 5000 Conversion

7.Unmanaged Ethernet

8.EWON Remote Access

9.Keyence Area Scanners

10.HMI –

a.Alarm Export File – Load this on a jump drive and plug the jump drive into the HMI. It will automatically pull the Alarm Log onto the jump drive. There is another utility used to extract the data into a CSV file, which is in the HMI Folder of this project.

b.Parameter Files

c.Overview Screen – Imported CAD Layout for background

d.Manual Control of Stops with Step # and Description Indicators

e.Security Levels with Visibility Control

f.Data Table for Products run through shift. Can page up and down screen to view different dates – MainTask – HMI – SHIFT_COUNTS

g.Global Multistate Indicator that will display multiple messages for general machine status– MainTask – HMI – ALARMS h.Drive Status/Control Screen

11.Conveyor Logic/Programming

a.System Time Set – PLC time is set by the HMI. PLC and HMI Sync everyday at midnight. MainTask – HMI – SHIFT_COUNTS, Rung 21 and MainTask – MainProgram –MainRoutine, Rung 21

b.Stops – MainTask – MAIN_CONVEYOR – Anything with OP (Operator Station Stop) or S (General Stop)

c.Merge – Fast to Slow – MainTask – MAIN_CONVEYOR – Stop S142 and S143

d.Diverge – Same Speed – MainTask – MAIN_CONVEYOR – TS124

e.Tracking – FFL and FFU Based through (6) Zones: ERIO_1996 – CONVEYOR_1996 –Main_1996 – Starts around Rung 81

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