Powder Coat Reprogram

The purpose of this project was to upgrade the control system for a Power and Free Overhead Conveyor System that transports forklift mast components through a powder coat painting process. The system was re-programmed such that improvements could be made to the logic and to match a programming style of the Main Paint Line. The program was installed and tested across a 2-day weekend. Key notes about the system and Programming

1.ControlLogix L61 Processor, V20

2.ControlLogix Ethernet I/O

3.(1) Panelview Plus HMI

4.Unmanaged Ethenet

5.HMI –

a.Parameter Files

b.Overview Screen – Imported CAD Layout for background

c.Manual Control of Stops with Step # and Description Indicators

d.Security Levels with Visibility Control

e.Global Multistate Indicator that will display multiple messages for general machine status– MainTask – HMI – ALARMS

f.Tracking Manipulation Screen

g.Drive Status/Control Screen

6.Conveyor Logic/Programming

a.Stops – MainTask – MAIN_CONVEYOR – Anything with TS

b.Merge – Fast to Slow – MainTask – MAIN_CONVEYOR – TS04 and TS06

c.Diverge – Same Speed – MainTask – MAIN_CONVEYOR – SW1

d.Tracking – Timer Based. Uses Counters and Add/Subtract Statements instead of FFL/FFU – MainTask – TRACKING – All TS Files

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