Revolutionizing Food Container Quality Control with High-Speed Inspection Technology

High-speed food production lines can be a challenge for traditional visual inspection methods. Defective containers can slip through unnoticed, leading to unhappy customers and a damaged brand reputation. Here at J+H Automation Solutions, we’ve developed a solution: a turnkey, high-speed food container quality inspection system. This innovative system utilizes a state-of-the-art Keyence high-speed camera system to tackle these challenges head-on.

The system boasts 10 cameras strategically positioned to inspect 10 separate production lines simultaneously. Each lane can analyze up to 55 containers per minute, delivering pass/fail results within a lightning-fast 0.3 seconds of capturing an image. This ensures real-time quality control and minimizes the risk of defective products reaching your customers. Seamless integration with your existing I/O is achieved through a reliable handshake protocol, guaranteeing fail-safe operation with pass/fail signals or health status updates even via ethernet which will then automatically eject the failed products.

But that’s not all. Our system is designed to detect and measure linear contamination exceeding 2mm on container flanges, rejecting any container with excess gravy, meat, or chunks. An operator-friendly HMI provides clear visual identification of defects and highlights lanes experiencing the highest defect rates. This empowers operators to take swift action and maintain consistent product quality.

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