• Design & Layout
    We have a team of experienced engineers to provide system layout, mechanical design, and controls and electrical design. We use SolidWorks software for mechanical design and AutoCad software for two dimensional layouts and control enclosure design. We offer simulation services for conveyor systems, robotic cells, automated guided vehicle systems, and more.
  • Project Management & Consulting
    We have decades of experience with automated systems and project management. We use our expertise starting on day one and continuing through the duration of the project. We have a large array of solutions and we consider the best options for the client. We understand that the “front end” concept work is critical and we have a team of project managers that see each system throughout the process.
  • On-Site Installation & Support
    We provide complete mechanical, electrical, controls, and engineering installation, startup, and post-installation support. Our installation teams are in-house, guided by our own project managers, and have a wide variety of skillsets. The implementation stage is critical to the success of any project.
  • Conveyor Systems
    We offer a wide range of conveyor systems and components including belt, roller, chain, enclosed track, power-and-free, I-beam, turntables, transfers, and many more. We are authorized integrators for Roach® and Dematic® conveyors and systems as well as Jervis Webb®/Daifuku® Unibilt® enclosed track, power-and-free, and Unibeam® I-beam conveyors and systems. We also represent Ryson® spiral conveyors.
  • Ergonomic Tools, Cranes, Hoists & Lifts
    We offer a wide range of ergonomic tools including cranes, hoists, lift tables, tilt tables, intelligent lifting devices, fall arrest systems, and more. We represent Gorbel® cranes, hoists, intelligent lifting devices, and fall arrest systems as well as Southworth® ergonomic lift tables, tilt tables, and other products. We also represent Harrington® hoists.
  • Custom Conveyors
    System success can often not be achieved only with “standard” solutions. We offer a wide range of custom designed conveyors and equipment. Custom conveyors are designed, built, and tested in our facilities. We integrate custom solutions with standard ones. In addition to custom conveyors, we also provide a wide range of other custom equipment.
  • Robotics
    We offer customized solutions for Robotics systems including material handling, machine tending, and more. We are authorized integrators for ABB® and Fanuc® robotics. We can design and implement customized end-of-arm-tooling and integrate robotic systems with many other types of equipment.
  • Automated Guided Vehicles & Carts
    We offer integrated solutions for automated guided vehicles and carts for assembly lines and transport systems. We are authorized integrators for Daifuku® Jervis Webb® SmartCart AGCs. We are specialists in Assembly Line AGC systems and can integrate AGV and AGC systems with other technologies and interfaces.
  • Integrated Work Cells & Systems
    We can completely integrate cells and systems with a vast array of technologies such as conveyors, robotics, AGCs, custom controls, operator interfaces, and specialty equipment. We are very experienced in connecting and integrating various technologies to form a complete system. Systems can be customized with Cognex® vision or Ignition® operator interfaces. We can deploy many different types and brands of PLC controls.
  • Control System Design & Implementation
    We can design and implement a wide variety of machine control systems using many different platforms and software packages. All controls engineering is done in-house. We have a seasoned team of controls engineers who see the project through development, coding, testing, startup, and support. Controls engineers work closely with other team members to ensure a complete system.
  • Control Panel Fabrication & Assembly
    We design and fabricate all control enclosures (control panels) in our own UL® Listed panel shop. Our system ensures seamless transfer from engineering to shop build. Each control enclosure is quality checked and tested. Customization is not only possible, but efficient, with our capabilities.
  • Programming Capabilities
    We have an experienced team of controls engineers who can develop Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications for almost any application. We can deploy Allen-Bradley®, Omron®, B&R®, Siemens®, and other types of PLCs. We offer advanced operator interface software such as Ignition® and can implement many different styles of HMIs.
  • Equipment Design & Manufacturing
    We have a team of mechanical and controls design engineers who can develop and design many different types of machinery and equipment. Our capabilities include all aspects of mechanical and controls design and build of custom equipment and machinery. We test equipment and systems in our own facility in the most “real world” environment possible and are capable of custom machine builds in our facility as well.
  • Custom Fabrication & Machinery
    We have multiple modes of mechanical and controls build resources in-house. We have a fully-staffed fabrication and machine shop and our own control panel fabrication shop. We are able to provide the most up to date manufacturing technologies.
  • Factory Installation & Setup
    We provide complete mechanical, electrical, and controls on-site setup and support for custom machinery and equipment. Our installation teams are in-house and guided by our own project managers, and they have a wide variety of skillsets. The implementation stage is critical to the success of any project.
  • Automation Partners
    We are aligned with world-class automation partners as authorized integrators including: Robotics – ABB® and Fanuc®; Vision – Cognex®; Automated Vehicles – Daifuku®/Jervis Webb®.
  • Conveyors & Material Handling Partners
    We represent the best of the best in material handling including: Conveyors – Daifuku®/Jervis Webb®, Roach®, Dematic®, Ryson®; Ergonomics – Gorbel®, Southworth®, Harrington®; Storage Products – Husky®.
  • Controls & Other Technology Partners
    We are able to provide programming and integration on several platforms. We are a systems integrator for Inductive Automation®/Igniton®. We can provide PLC solutions with Allen-Bradley®, Omron®, B&R®, Siemens®, and others. We can also provide a number of HMI solutions.

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