J+H Automation Solutions is the market leader in innovation and reliability for the design and delivery of complete, customized, and efficient automation solutions that enable our manufacturing clients to be more flexible, safe, efficient, and profitable.

Our success is grounded in the teamwork that prevails across multiple skills and disciplines and the shared imperative to exceed customer expectations. We achieve this by leveraging technologies of our strategic partnerships and by mobilizing our team of competent professionals who thrive on the creativity, diversity, and unique opportunities inherent to our clients’ projects.

Our innovative approach to the design and development of customized material handling and automation solutions allows us to consistently and continuously push the boundaries of modern manufacturing, uniquely positioning us as market leaders.

Our mission is to continuously and consistently push the boundaries of modern manufacturing by leveraging technologies of our strategic partnerships and by mobilizing our team of competent professionals who infuse creativity and diverse expertise into every custom automation solution.

As a representative of several major conveyor manufacturers, J+H has completed installations in 23 states. With nearly 150 years of combined experience, our personnel are poised to deliver our customers the service they deserve. J+H Automation Solutions will continue a 25-year tradition of high standards and a superior commitment to the products we produce and companies we represent.

Our project engineers are unique with specialized skills and work as a team to accomplish complete customer satisfaction with every project. Our professional engineering business carries over $5,000,000.00 in contractors liability insurance so that we can provide turnkey installations for our clients whenever necessary.

J+H Automation Solutions is also pleased to offer custom fabrication and installation services through our material handling division.

  2. OVER
  3. $5M

  • Total System Integration
    A complete and unified effort, especially to achieve the desired effect
    J+H is committed to providing services that fully integrate material handling and automation systems. These include control panel fabrication, programming services, mechanical installations, electrical installations, process piping, quality testing systems, and many other services.

  • Start to Finish Projects
    Concept to completion
    The success of a project depends on the diligence to see every step through to completion. J+H is committed to providing support through all phases of a project.

  • Quality Industry Partnerships
    A degree of excellence, superiority in kind, an acquired skill
    We are proud to be representatives of the product and service offerings of Roach Conveyors® (Since 1995), and Jervis B. Webb ® Material Handling (Since 1988), and Advance Lifts®

  • Cost Effective Solutions
    Productivity relative to the cost
    Every project provides a vast array of choices and subsequently opportunities to maximize value. J+H is committed to looking at every detail in order to ensure a cost-effective, ‘best value’ system.

  • Long-Term Relationships
    Relating to, or constituting an operation or obligation based on a considerable term and especially one of more than 10 years
    We are proud to have many customers with whom we have enjoyed relationships of 10, 15, 20 or more years. We are committed to making every new customer a repeat customer.

  • Custom Solutions
    Made or performed according to special order
    J+H realizes that very few systems can be successful without innovative solutions. In addition to offering a large spectrum of standard components, we are able to design and construct even the most custom components and systems. This capability often sets our offerings apart from the rest of the industry.

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